Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Petaluma's Crafty First Famiglia

Its always kind of a trip to get recognized around town by complete strangers. I guess it's mostly due to my wacky writing and blogging (that I've been waay guilty of not doing much lately). My husband teases me that he feels like he's with a celebrity because, often times than not, we get comped free goodies and food around town, and thus in part why I've stopped blogging so much. Not that I don't appreciate kind folks in town and their generosity, that's really pretty freakin' cool! but it makes me feel kind of weird, and in spite of my rabble-rousing, I'm a pretty private gal. I loathe having my picture taken - just ask my friends, family or Elaine, who is often witness to me diving under tables and pulling disappearing acts when she gets her camera out. I was an Aborigine in another life. But blogging is my way to connect with my community in relative anonymity, and allows me to exercise another form of creativity.

Not that all my blogs have been hearts and flowers mind you, hey "truthiness" in journalism is important, and at least one or three reviews have not escaped my truthy if poisonous pen. :) But right now, things are uber busy around Moxieville, but I see more blogs on the horizon soon....shudder, some of you! ;) Be very afraid! :)

Some folks in Petaluma may know and heart my awesome crafty famiglia as well. I heart them too, and the unique talents and personality they bring to our famiglia. We're planning on doing a series of crafty film shorts, and a photo shoot soon for some promos. We are working with a talented local Indie Film maker, Don Lewis, "Hey Don!" And, we are cooking up some great ideas sure to set me off laughing so hard, that I won't be able to craft and keep a straight face during the shoot. but I don't believe you can ever be too rich or laugh too much ...or eat too many apple fritters. And though none of us may be rich, we are wealthy with laughter and have a great time. Now if I can manage not to bale under a tree or table during the shoot, it's gonna be a hoot! And we've not shortage of ideas and materials to work with! You might see us around Petaluma with Don, and if so, stop by and say "howdy!"

Speaking of my uber crafty sistahs, here is a shot of our crafty famiglia, (the core) goofing it up at a local Mexican joint. (they had to shut the joint down after we got through with it)!

From left to right is, Felt Baron, Moxieville (moi), Rock n' Roll Crafts and Pincurls and Peacoats. Motley crew we are, and dangerously crafty!

I'll be posting our film short here and on my various other blogs around cyberspace, so look for PCM , "Girls on Film" soon!



Elaine Elwick Barr said...

Hi Capo!

Great post..oy, I definitely had too much margarita before that pic!!

See you at della!

xxoo, inks

Petaluma Craft Mafia said...

Elaine, we love you, and too much margarita ...can that be bad? :)

You're so 'dorable!