Meet the Famiglia

The Petaluma Craft Mafia is a group of spirited, creative, talented and (most importantly) crafty folk who work out of Petaluma, CA, USA.  The first of it's kind in Petaluma, we share a unique voice and craft well-made slightly irreverent work. We established ourselves in 2006 and created Petaluma's signature hip craft show, Craftaluma!  We rewarded by the positive response from not only local craftisans and the public but vendors from all over the country. We are independent business owners in Petaluma who creatively network in our support of each other and our community. We vend our wares through our websites, at craft shows and local stores and of course, Craftaluma. Since then we haven't looked back, and happily keep evolving in a positive and FUN direction to build a craftier world here in Petaluma, where our get-down gorgeous paper greeting, prints, adorable aprons, vintage craftsages that ooze moxie, blown glass home wares, custom art mobiles, cupcake sparkle paintings and kitschy clothing are available to all.

Petaluma Craft Mafia's mission is to educate, inform and support craft of all kinds and each other.
Check out our blog. our website here and come out to support us at our events! And, feel free to email us at

About the Craft Mafia Organization

The Craft Mafia™ is an organization  that began with nine independent business owners in Austin, TX. Each, independent business owners who represent multiple creative disciplines in fashion, jewelry, handmade goods, fine art, writing and craft design. The Craft Mafia™ serves as a model for independent business owners to assemble with other entrepreneurs in their own communities to amplify their individual vision through the power of a collective. 

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