Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Struttin' our crafty/fashion stuff at Craftaluma's "Running with Glitter!"

"Running with Glitter" where the eco-conscious crafty and fashionistas come to play."

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Our December - May hibernation has come to and end. It felt soooo good!
You've been wondering where we've been. I know, I know. But frankly, it felt marvelous to take a snooze from anything remotely smacking of blog and craft. But what better day then to celebrate spring, love, life, craft, ashion and um, glitter...yes, you heard right!

For the record we are strutting our crafty stuff at Craftaluma 2009 this season! The emails started with a slow trickle in late December following Mafia Made Holiday Craftacular, to a steady buzz of inquiries about WHEN our next Craftaluma will be! Gee, thanks everyone for your re-newed interest. We love you!! To set the record straight, yes, Craftaluma 2009 is in the works, and this year that fashion show I've been dreaming about for two years will happen! We have too many local talented Indie designers NOT to have a fashion show. I just know it! That's the Petaluma spirit! Coordinate that with the creative minds behind the Petaluma Craft Mafia, and it will be one heckuva a gittery good time! We are very excited!

Ambitious? Sure, this will be a bigger show, and very high energy with a glittery runway filled with craft, music, and the addition of a glittery runway with sashaying models sporting local handmade DIY fashion and accessories. An eco and up-cycle vibe is encouraged! All of it requires lots of coordination and planning . But you know by now, the PCM is always up for a challenge, and Ms. Moxie, our bella capo, loves to roll up her sleeves, toss the glitter in the air and see where it may land. We've got a hard-working, talented and fun famiglia and a cast of supportive awesome volunteers to help make it all happen. So, if you catch us MIA on the blogs, it's not because we've taken off to Greece like I keep dreaming about - at least not yet! No rest for the weary - crafty! (Martha, eat your heart out!)

We'll keep you posted about the date, and in the meantime, you can of course, always contact us here about applications. The Craftaluma, "Running with Glitter" site will have online applications as well. Vendors, round up your models, and of course your glitter. We are SO looking forward to the submission photos and the coordination between the designers!

Come and be inspired, and have a glittery good time!

Many glittery cheers, sashay, sashay!