Tuesday, March 9, 2010

PCM: Naked Lady Party

March Madness. My birthday month is always lions and lambs or lamb and lions. It looks like March came in with a bang, had a mood-swing, a brief flirtation with 70 degree temps, turning the rolling green hills that surround me chartreuse green, and spawning spring's love-child, the daffodil, which dots every hill and quarry from Sonoma to Petaluma. Aww, well. What is life without a few of Mother Nature's shenanigans?

Speaking of which, we eco-conscious, style-lovin' fashionistas in the Petaluma Craft Mafia are up to our own crafty shenanigans again. We're cleaning out our closets, and deciding to throw ourselves a good old-fashioned Naked Lady Party, (NLP). The last week-end in March will be our NLP shin-dig. However, it's a private party. NLP's have to be fairly small, no more then twenty folks or it can get chaotic really fast. So, if you've received your invite to PCM's Naked Lady Party, count yourself lucky and be sure to bring your bag of NLP threads and a bottle of bubbly, because trying on clothes is thirsty work.

If you can't join us, you can throw your own NLP party. Donate the proceeds or an outfit to charity, such as women returning to work, or another organization that is dear to your heart. There are a few very simple rules, but the rest is up to your creative imaginations.

Here are a few tips from your crafty famiglia:

Abbreviated Terms Key:
NLP = Naked Lady Party
NL= Naked Lady (duh).

1. Size matters. Consider the size of the venue, (host) and keep the attendees to around twenty or less. Again, controlled chaos is the goal. Too many peeps, and it gets out of control fast and the party loses it's mission and focus. Usually this ends badly, bean-dip in coat pockets, schlurrping vodka from somebody's shoe, a teary phone-call to an old flame, and often, in the wee-hours, somebody needs to post bail. I'm kidding. Really. You believe me, right? If you can't post bail, repeat after me: "Controlled Chaos." Now, off you go. (We don't know nuthin' about no brassieres tied around street poles on Kentucky Street). No siree.

2. NLP items. Bring items of clothing and accessory that you think others would want - this is not the place for cast-off junk. Remember, we all have too many things in our closet that have never seen the light of day, time to remedy that. Bring up -to -date, on trend clothing, or vintage items. Either way, NLP karma doubles the better the items that you bring. As Ms. Moxie likes to say, "The Karma you take, is equal to the Karma you make." (she is so danged smug).

3. Music! This is KEY. Make a soundtrack for your NLP that has a variety of up, energy and soothing mellow tunes as well.

4. Organize. Sort out each pile of clothing by size, style and or type. I.e., jeans, blouses, skirts, tanks and tees, shoes, professional clothing, bags, etc.

5. Timer! Fair is fair. Everyone gets timed while going through each pile. So bring a timer, a kitchen timer or second hand works great. No hording. Horder's are banished from the next round of NLP mayhem. So, while it's tempting to "load-up", remember, you will not always want what you try on, be courteous to the next naked lady in line.

6. Strut it! Once you've found your threads, model it down the aisle, show the other NL's what style, second-hand is all about.

7. Eats and drinks. While I rate music as very important, so are refreshment. NL's work up a healthy appetite whilst dis-robing and scavenging with wild abandon. Therefore, make sure your eats and drinks are quality, a quenching cocktail, a sumptuous easy to nibble snack, and still have clean hands to try on clothes.

8. Privacy. Of course, this is a NLP party! There will always be crashers, or folks trying to get a peek at a NLP Party in session. So be sure you have a private place to party, and a private place to slip in and out of clothes.

9. Party Favors. If there is one thing a Naked Lady adores, it is a creative and clever party-favor. You don't have to break the bank, remember, these are tough times, and creativity luckily saves the day. If your NLP has a particular theme, such as tropical, rocka-billy, Eco, Pin-up, whatever, go for something that fits the theme for your favors to give to your Naked Ladies. I feel that giving your Naked Ladies a fresh flower is never a bad idea. One single rose, or even better a dahlia is enough to delight me. I think I'll make my corsages with naked lady miniature dolls for my crafty sisters. But, at an NLP party, anything goes.

10. FUN. NLP with abandon. Remember, you're not only having fun, but keeping the earth greener, upcycling items, and "re-shopping" amongst the ladies you love and whose style you've long admired. This is the time to share some fashion and style tips with your ladies. NLP's are great for learning from women you admire.