Friday, March 21, 2008

Digg this -Felt Baron in Giant Robot!

Crafty lady Tami Lovett-Brumfield of Petaluma Craft Mafia is featured in the current issue of Giant Robot! (see pic top right.) Crafty cool editor Erik Nakamura couldn't pass up this funky-fresh table stocked with felted home grown produce at Tami's booth. We think he has fine taste: Crunchy carrots with toothy grins, apples and oranges that smile winningly from their crates ... no wonder Mr. Nakamura found them irresistible. A veritable Farmer's Market of softies at booth number 49!

The Felt Baron had already sent most of her crop of sweet apples, oranges and ice cream sandwiches off to good homes by the time Erik and his shutterbug skills got down to business. Good eye mate! We love you Giant Robot. What felty goods will Tami be crafting up is anybody's guess, but we'll keep you posted right here!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Big Ass Book of Crafts!

Does this book make my booty look big? Looking for a new crafty book to move and inspire you into Craftdom? Or at the very least motivate you to pick up some odds an ends around the house and make something cool, clever and real purrty? Then you’ve gotta check out Mark Montano’s big ol’ book "Big Ass Book of Crafts" which is chock-full of inspiration for any age, and craft skill level.

What I love is that Mark is VERY keen and passionate to help you get your craft on. He covers interior design from furniture making to recycling bits and pieces to make a gorgeous and useful project. He’s got a great eye and relates to the projects as though he is on your level, not a craft god who assumes you know a brad from a staple. Fun for family, week-end crafters or those with oodles of craft muscle and know-how. Lots of variety to keep creative minds intrigued and beautiful photos.
I'm looking forward to making the lampshade and a few of the other intriquing hip projects Mark has lined up!

Lawd, I love crafty folks! I’m trying to get Mark to do a demo or signing here in Petalumsky at Copperfields! Wouldn't that be cool? He knows and loves Petaluma very well! Hmmm ... I wonder if I could get him to got through my garage with me ...I know he'd have a ball looking through all my cast-offs that are clogging the main artery of our little garage. I'll be he could do a craftolicious make-over on all of it!

The Big Ass Book of Crafts is BIG and chock-full of ideas for recycling stuff you never knew had so much oodles of potential. The bottom line is ya'll are just gonna have to go out and find the book yourself and get inspired!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

S.F. Maker Faire is in the Air!

You've been waiting for it, you've heard all about it and now the San Francisco Maker Faire is on it's way late this spring, May 3rd and 4th to be exact at the San Mateo Fair Grounds.

Build, play, hack, shop DIY till you drop, and get some inspiration from my crafty friends from all over the Bay Area and beyond. Meet some of the craftiest and creative folks who create things you didn't know you needed or even existed for that matter.
For more info and if you're a crafty tech or art vendor it's not too late to apply. The deadline is March 12, 2008, so as Paula Abdul would say, "Rush, Rush, hurry, hurry darlin!" Get that application in pronto for consideration.

See SF Maker Faire FAQ for more info - Linky-poo here.