Sunday, February 28, 2010

PCM Meet the Famiglia: Rocket Orange

Meet the Petaluma Craft Mafia Family:

Hannah "Goo" Musser

Whack weapon of choice: Needle and thread. Thread a needle and the world is your oyster.
my fist!!! ;)
Business name: RocketOrange

DIY style: 'lil bit this, 'lil bit that!!!

DIY tip: do what you love and different is ok.

Astrological sign: Taurus baby. True to it's name but, i will always say sorry and admit i am wrong!

Favorite Karaoke Song: oh-boy, this is a tuffy to answer for me. depends on the mood. Speeding Motorcycle, Jane Says, I've Got You Babe (with drunken co-wert), any Dolly song and Come as You Are...

Favorite Italian Meal: My father's Cioppino!

PCM Meet the Famiglia: UpCycled-Threads

PCM Meet the Famiglia Charissa Drengsen of Curly-Cue

Whack Weapon of Choice? Since I am the ADD poster child of crafting, I can't seem to pick just one medium. I tend to bounce between digital, paper, textiles, paint, collage, altered art assemblage, beads, metal, nature, and found objects. I guess if I had to choose one favorite tool of the trade it would be the scissor. I really enjoy taking apart pre-loved materials and reassembling them into something innovative. Some sewing mavens wield their scissors with a delicate sensibility. I tend to snip with gusto. There is a real free style to my process. I tend to craft in the land somewhere between elegance and utilitarian ferocity.
Business Name, and how did you get it? curly-cue design. When I was a little girl my mother used to recite a rhyme at me: "There was a little girl, who had a little curl, right in the middle of her forehead. When she was good, she was very very good, and when she was bad, she was horrid." That's me, the little curly girl. When I was considering what to call my design business I drew from one of my favorite hobbies, quantum physics. There is something in chaos theory called a "strange attractor". Its magnetic force creates a fractal pattern of a curly-cue. My work is all about relativity and working with chaos. Thus curly-cue design was born.

DIY style? A blend of farmhouse chic, steampunk, art deco and eco-comfort futurism.

DIY Tip? Love what comes to hand with all your heart. See all its possibilities, then shove it in a new direction with gusto. Don't be afraid to try something impossible.

What's your Sign baby? Capricorn - Earth sign - the mountain goat. Baaaaa!
What's your favorite Karaoke song? I'm pretty sure I could rock Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" like a rocking thing.

Favorite Italiana Meal? Pasta Puttanesca (Whores' Pasta): olive oil, capers, anchovies or caviar, garlic, kalamata olives, parmesan cheese, red chili pepper flakes, the kitchen sink... over spaghettini noodles. The concept is basically to throw whatever you have in the cupboard into a pan with olive oil and garlic and put it over pasta. Again, the whole concept of using what you have at hand to create something fabulous. It's all in the wrist.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

PCM: Meet the Famiglia, Creative Curiosities

So much going on in the Petaluma Craft Mafia, but, when isn't there? We're in cahoots to spread the crafty gospel all over town and hope to inspire other like minded, folks in our town and beyond to get crafty. While we're at it, we often meet other such like minded souls that we have such a great connection with and share the same vision. We are work hard and have an amazingly fun, kind and ambitiously crafty group of gals, and are proud to call each other "famiglia."

Marla, aka, Creative Curiosities, is one of those women you've felt you've known your whole life. I feel like I can sit in her kitchen, drink cup after cup of tea and plot and dream with her forever. She works full -time, is a busy wife, mom to the cutest little boy, and still manages to spend time with her with her crafty family, the PCM.

Marla is a fellow Piscean, and I can relate to her sensitive, intuitive side. Its wonderful to have such a passionate and dedicated soul to add to our crafty family. She is incredibly organized and always game to help out. Marla's goal is go have her own store someday, and I believe that with her talent, and ambition to work to achieve her goals, she will make that happen.
Marla makes the most adorable everything. She has such an amazing touch for taking vintage bits of fabric, unloved scarves, and turning them into highly coveted pillows, squishy creatures, etc. I cannot resist her pillows that range from vintage to shabby modern. Always vintage, but everything has clean edges, which lends a contemporary feel. I love her touch with textiles, almost as much as I adore her.

Without further ado, meet our sister and crafty "made" woman, Marla.

Meet the Petaluma Craft Mafia Family:
Marla Christine Pedersen , aka "Marla Bing-Bing Mozzarella."

Whack weapon of choice:
Needle and thread. Thread a needle and the world is your oyster.

Business name: Creative Curiosities. This name came about when my sister and I were talking one day, discussing dreams and aspirations for the future. I have always wanted to open my own store, full of hand made goods, my own, and other local artisans, and well as a bakery in the back, lounge area to chill, books on the wall to read, back porch…. I could go on. My sister, an extremely talented graphic designer and project manager, came up with the store name Creative Curiosities. It stuck and I’m rolling with it.

DIY style: Eclectic and whimsical. I create goods that will make people smile, giggle, and take a brief glimpse back to their childhood when everything was free and easy. I want to make people fall in love with vintage fabric and buttons that have been magically transformed into squishy friends, pillows, and “aw take me home” items.

DIY tip: Keep your eyes open. You never know when you’ll find a treasure that could be transformed into something fabulous.

Astrological sign: Pisces, a water sign. Pisces fits. I was meant to be a Pisces. I swam my entire life, spent my summers in Lake Erie, which was literally in my backyard. I am sensitive, kind and gentle, but don’t want to be let down, and after I stew about it until I’m about to explode, I’ll let you know. My mom tells me I’m stubborn. It’s just that when I have my mind made up about something, I’m going to do it, and please don’t try to stop me.

Favorite Karaoke Song: I don’t do Karaoke. Period. My soft spoken voice doesn’t translate well singing one hit wonders into a microphone in front of a crowd of people, even if they are all usually drunk.

Favorite Italian Meal: Mmm. Growing up in a small town in Ohio, probably 10,000 people when I was young, all the restaurants were Italian. I think we had five pizza places, three of which were chains. At that point, spaghetti with red sauce, garlic bread, and a house side salad was my favorite. I was luck enough to travel to Italy when I was in college and although broke, was able to sample truly authentic Italian food. I love Italian food. Now my favorites, although I still love the spaghetti with red sauce, would have to be creamy polenta with mushrooms, flat crisp pizza with fresh basil and tomato, and gelato for dessert. I seriously had gelato every day I was there. I was there for four weeks people! Rum raisin, hazelnut, or pistachio are delish!