Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Craftaluma Vendors: Why Girls Go Astray Paper Crafts

CRAFTALUMA shows are heavy and ripe with talent. This summer's Craftaluma "How The Craft Was Won!" will be no different. I'm already in trouble. While talking to our vendors, going through photos of their entries I am constantly awed and humbled by the beauty, and unique stamp our crafty friends put on everything they touch. Inspiration can be found everywhere, and nothing makes this crafty mafia organizer happier then seeing creative folks passionately working on their own craft. Bliss.
One booth I'm gonna be going astray at and hanging with is Why Girls Go Astray Paper Crafts and handing the proprietress, Andy Lowry a lot of my own hard earned paper. (friends and fam if you are reading this, you are seeing a preview of your birthday and christmas presents).
Petaluma be forewarned, you're gonna have to be wrist wrasslin' me over the fruit, butterfly and skull platters... just be forewarned, this crafty girl always gets her prize!
Below is just a weensy sample of the treats that Andy has made for Craftaluma. If this is why girls go astray... I'd say it's worth it!

Interview with Andy Lowry of Why Girls Go Astray Paper Crafts
By Petaluma Craft Mafia

What is your business and how you got your name?
Why Girls Go Astray paper crafts:
The name, "Why Girls Go Astray," was influenced by an article I read as a Women's Studies doctoral student. The essay's thesis was essentially a 19th-century patriarchal argument against the education of women. One of the hypotheses put forth as to why upper-education was a detriment to women's health was that, with this new-found knowledge, many young women were bound to be easily "led astray."

We've come a long way baby. I am intrigued by your thesis. Where are you from?
I was born and bred in Chicago. I moved to Sacramento three years ago (with a six-year pit-stop in Atlanta for graduate school) to marry the love of my life.

I love that as a romantic. How did you get started in your particular craft?
I've always made projects with paper and fiber. My last few years in Chicago, I found that I could make money selling religious-themed and fun-fur pillows. At the same time, I began experimenting in decopage and eventually created several large pieces of furniture for my own use and gifts. I couldn't see how I could make enough money selling that scale and price of item, so I switched mediums and began decoupaging smaller items. I first began with paperweights and magnets, and eventually branched out into vases. I'm now doing an entirely new line of valet plates and serving platters. Utilizing decoupage, naturally.

Your favorite project you've created and why?
I think some of the new intricate serving platters are my new fave items, specifically because of the skill and time it took to complete, and also the aesthetic, which represented a new direction in my body of work.

Where would you like to be with your business in 5 years?
Being able to solely pursue my business without also working a part-time job would be rad. In lieu of that, I'd take the gradual yearly growth of my business as a victory as well.

Favorite spice in your cupboard?
Red pepper flakes; can't live without them

A craft you'd love to try?

What American city or state would you love to travel to?
Hawaii -- anywhere in that state.

Chosen music to craft to?
Currently: Alkaline Trio, Bondie, Adele, Twilight Singers, Go-Gos, Noisettes, Bloc Party, and Def Leppard

How do you start your day?
NPR and caffeine

How do you unwind at the end of a stressful week?
Drinks with my sweetie!

Best thing about living in Sacramento?
Coming from a city without much greenery, right now the multitude of trees and flowers is inspiring my awe and gratitude

Favorite book and why?
The Age of Innocence. Wharton is consistently my favorite writer. Her witty, critical analysis of the 19th-century New York upper-class and customs, plus her sheer gift for writing has always appealed to me

Other crafts you would like to explore?
Casting resin.

How has the craft boom influenced your own craft?
Opened up many more doors and opportunities.

Your favorite comfort meal is:
Sushi, lots of it.

What's in your handbag?
Sunglasses, lipstick, business cards, notebook, phone, breath-mints

Who and what inspires and influences you?
Andy Warhol, Edie Sedgwick, John Waters, Alexander McQueen, Christian LaCrioux, Betsy Johnson, Karen O., Annie Sprinkle, Chrissie Hynde, Poly Styrene from X-Ray Spes (R.I.P., 2011), Cesar Chavez, black feminist theory, pulp fiction novels, U.S. noir and French heist films from 1940-1965.

What is always in your fridge?
Homemade pickles, beer, vodka

I'm inspired by:
My husband, Eric, who is a sculptor and my partner in our many mail-art projects

I couldn't go a day without:...
Buddhist practice

"____" really ticks me off:
An inability to show up on time

I dream of traveling to:

George, John, Paul or Ringo?

What empowers you?
Feeling that I am able to pursue my own artistic vision, not compromise too much, and have it (bonus!) widely appeal to the greater public as well

What advice would you give to crafters who seek to support themselves through their craft?
Talk and network with others. I had to literally figure it out on my own.

I really love "____"...
My hometown of Chicago

Name a movie that particularly moves you and why:
Breakfast at Tiffanys. I've always identified with Holly Golighty's outlook on life and love. Plus, her fashion was impeccable.

I can hear "Moon Riverrrr..." now..What puts that special hop in your giddy-up?
Kindness in others, my husband of almost three years

Amen sister! Thank you doll!

For more of Andy Lowry's sublimely gorgeous work check out her shop here

(Photos courtesy of Andy Lowry ©Copyright Why Girls Go Astray Paper Crafts).


Petaluma Craft Mafia said...

Andy you are a delight! Have a great vacation girlfriend!


Greta Gillmore said...

Love this stuff! I can't wait to see it in person and make some Fall Birthday purchases at Craftaluma on Sunday August 21st!