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Craftaluma Vendor: Wild Sprout Design

eet Craftaluma vendor, Lisa Ratcliff of Galt, California, a gal who unwinds with drinking wine from the region and a good old fashioned sewing binge! Our kind of gal. Lisa makes the cutest and most practical thing every woman has on her arm, the hand bag or messenger bag, or purse. Whatever you want to call it, to my mind the bigger the better! Her bags are hand-crafted and sewn with such obsessively crafty care that only a true seamstress can relate to. Without further ado, meet the woman behind Wild Sprout Design!

Interview with Lisa Ratcliff of Wild Sprout Design
By Petaluma Craft Mafia

Name of business?
Wild Sprout Design

Where are you from?
Galt, CA

How long have you lived there?
Two and one-half years!

Your favorite handbag or project you've created and why?
The Fossil Messenger Bag, because it is a original pattern of mine that I have endlessly worked on to make perfect!

Where would you like to be with your business in 5 years? I would love to make enough to open my own studio and hire a few crafters such as myself!

Favorite spice in your cupboard:
Smoked Paprika

Chosen music to craft to?
Florence and the Machine

How do you start your day?
I start my day with a strong cup of coffee :)

How does your crafty self reconcile with the bottom line business side:
I believe in selling great quality products, even if that means I make less on individual items that I sell, everything is equally made with the best materials I can buy.

How do you unwind at the end of a stressful week?
A glass of Port by Wooden Valley, a winery in Fairfield, CA

Best thing about living in Galt?
Everyone seems to know each other, and we have a phenomenal farming community and the best strawberries in California.

Favorite book and why?
I don't have time to read. my favorite podcast is Mysterious Universe, there is something soothing about listening to an Australian accent.
Other crafts you would like to explore:
I would love to work with leather.

How has the craft boom influenced your own craft?
I believe people are tired of the purses and bags you can buy at the store that are over priced and lined with some type of plastic fabric that will melt in the dryer if you are not careful.

Your favorite comfort meal is:
White bean chili

What's in your handbag?
Wallet, keys, and 15 track and confirm slips from the USPS.

Who and what inspires and influences you?
I am inspired by any and every artitisan that sat down one day and said, " I want to learn how to make THAT!'

What is always in your fridge?
Milk and chocolate syrup for the kids.

I'm inspired by:
Abstract fabric prints and designers.

What still holds wonder for you in this world?

I couldn't go a day without...
Checking my email.

what really ticks you off?
Having to use my seam ripper!

I LOVE that answer. Where do you dream of traveling to?
South America, starting with Belize

George, John, Paul or Ringo? Or Elvis...
Elvis, not really ever into the Beatles. I am from the wrong generation.

How do you feel American craftypreneurs have shaped craft and the craft industry?
We have shown that buying handmade you are getting a product that is truly worth more than the money that was paid for it.

What empowers you?
Bold and Abstract art

What advice would you give to crafters who wish to support themselves through their craft?
Keep up with the current fashion trend, and if a customer didn't find what they were looking for, ask them for input on what they would like.

I really love...
My Family!

What puts that special hop in your giddy-up?
Getting an email from a customer saying she absolutely loves her purse that I made her!

Any Pets? (names and occupation please) :)
Two dogs, Bailey and Sage. Bailey is the eternal optimist and Sage is the disgruntled escape artist.

Thank you Lisa, see you a Craftaluma!

For more Wild Sprout Design, please check out their website here: Wild Sprout Design
(Photos courtesy of Lisa Ratcliff © Copyright Wild Sprout Design).

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