Sunday, May 2, 2010

PCM sister, Jaime Martinez of Sparkles n' Sticks

Once is awhile you meet somebody who is like a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stagnant and polluted world. Jaime is just that kind of fresh air daisy. She's our crafty compadre, one who favors any color as long as it's pink. She relishes a good cup of coffee and has the kind of spirit and kindness that begets sweetness. Our crafty famiglia is incredibly pleased to have her join us. She not only adds sparkle, she adds so much joy, generosity and a her wonderful sense of humor to our colorful crafty family.
Jaime is a knitter, extreme journal maker and creates the cutest monster dolls you ever wanna snuggle with. She has a vision both unique and filled with a bit of whimsy. We love you Jaime, and that cloud of glitter you rode in on! XOXO.

****Jaime "Grazie a Latte" Martinez****

Whack Weapon of Choice? "Glitter."

Business Name, (and how did you get it)? "Sparkles and Sticks. I wanted my business name to feel fairytale like. But not in a Disney Princess "my life is great because I have a pretty pink dress and singing mice friends and a really boring prince who adores me" kind of way, but in a kind of rustic, semi-sparkly version of a Grimms meets Whedon fairytale. More like a, "my life is awesome because I have super powers that save the world, but I also have singing pet mice and a pretty pink dress that I knit out of enchanted sheep wool, and my boyfriend is in a rockband called Prince" kind of a story."

Also, I use knitting needles (sticks) and glitter (sparkles) a lot. That's really probably a simpler answer.

What your DIY style? "Colorful, imaginative, sparkly, and soft."

DIY Tip? "Add sparkle."

What’s your sign baby?

What’s your favorite Karaoke song?
"Probably something from the Rent soundtrack. It's the only thing that I guarantee that I know all the words to. Want proof? "Five hundred, twenty-five thousand, six hundred minutes. Five hundred, twenty-five thousand, six hundred moments so dear..."

Whats your favorite Italian Meal?
"I love a creamy Pasta Alfredo and a cappuccino, paired with a side of cappuccino. I live on coffee."

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