Saturday, May 29, 2010

Oh, we so purdy!

It's been too long since our web site, created in 2007 got updated with a fresh look. When we first became an official family, back in 2006 or was it 2007? Anyhoozles, we had about 30 days to put it together. Ms. Moxieville, aka, your's truly, had never designed a web page before, and was sweating bullets. Thirty days, no HTML experience, yikes. Well, somehow, I rose to the occasion, and quickly put together a color scheme and design that was both, clean, campy and sophisticated. We got loads of compliments, and still do! Heck, who doesn't love a good tarantella and to hear poultry noises? For those urbanites who have never woken-up to a rooster crowing, tune into the Petaluma Craft Mafia homepage, and you too can enjoy what I grew listening up to every morning as a child!

Fast-forward a few years, we decided it was time to put our fresh faces on our website with a new look. So, while Memorial day week-end is tempting me out to play, the beer is on ice, the oysters barbecueing, I've got work deadlines, and a few projects that are pro-bono for some local events around town, yet, here I am futzing around on our blog.

We get loads of compliments on our old site, but as I'm updating our web page with member bios, it has occurred to me we've grown and improved a lot since 2006 - learned much about the industry, taken some risks, influenced and inspired so many local craftisans in town, have more diversity, energy, talent and sophistication . We know what we want, and our new look should reflect that. We don't want to go with the tried and true steam-punk look, ever popular again, with it's bold eroded fonts, texturey parchment backgrounds and firmly "Americana" stamped look. It's too easy, and so 1990's- and 1890's too, for that matter. Le Sigh. Besides, if I wanna see anymore of that, I just read Trader Joe's "Frequent Flyer" and see what's on special. Yawn.

So we're toying with a few looks. The later roughs are remnants of our original site and colors, but with more goodies. The second, is more feminine and urban. Since all of us are really creative country girls with adventurous hearts, I'm leaning towards the first comp of the homepage. That and the fact that I'm ready to move on from our old color scheme, is motivating me to experiment a bit. And incorporating images of our hometown of Petaluma, was a no-brainer, but we don't want to O'd on that either. Too gimmicky. We love our town, but we are not the chamber of commerce, though, we have been told we've put craft and a fresh DIY Revolution on the map, here in P-Town.

Decisions. Next time we post, I'm sure I'll have taken the identity a whole new direction, but for now, stay posted!

Peace, love and glitter,

Your PCM

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