Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Petaluma's Crafty First Family in the press... again!!

"We love our hometown paper, with it's crafty hometown flavor."

-The Petaluma Craft Mafia

We crafty mafiaosa peeps, try to maintain a low-profile, but the darned media, why, they LOVE us! And guess what? We love them back!
We appreciate our hometown newspaper's support of their craft family, the Petaluma Craft Mafia, but the spreading the good cheer to the community of creatives and other crafty folk throughout. I can't tell you how many times articles such as Yovanna's have inspired me to try something new, or get involved in something.

A special shout-out to the Argus Courier's talented journalist, Yovanna Bieberich, editor, Chris Samson and photographer, Nina Zhito, the later of whom had to put with a gaggle of craftyness and a pile of frosted donuts as she climbed, manipulated, moved lights around my kitchen to get a shot of craft in action! Mafiosa mascot and crafty canine, Sweet Georgia adores her, and was so sorry to have missed her this photo shoot.

Support your local newspapers, folks. We need our local news and the people that work so hard to craft a paper for the community. Looky here for the article.

Peace, Love and Glitter!

Your Petaluma Craft Mafia

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