Sunday, July 26, 2009

PCM welcomes Hannah of Hannah Jolie Designs

etaluma Craft Mafia is pleased to welcome our newest member, Hannah Musser of Hannah Jolie Designs. I've personally known Hannah for over six years. She has one of the best minds I know; smart, FUN, and the woman knows her music and books. I have been the lucky recipient of her friendship, and many CD's culled from her amazing collection as well. When Neil Young wrote, "Heart of Gold", I'm sure he had Hannah in mind. She is generous beyond a fault. Not to mention, Hannah is one of those rare and beautiful folks you know will be there in a crisis. She's there for you. She'd hold back your hair in an alcohol induced vomit session. For sure! Thick and thin times. Over beers, through the tears. She's a straight-shooter with a merciful hand, and she's a bit fearless. I have a lot of affection and respect for her.

Hannah describes herself as a "nerd" - and if she is, she makes "nerding" fun AND fashionable. She is one of those enviably crafty gals who excels at many things. She makes the most amazing jewelry, modern crafty floral corsages that make many a hipster prom queen or king sigh, and she works in the healing arts as well. (I am SO looking forward to my next massage H., hint, hint. :) We are proud to welcome her into the bosom of our crafty famiglia.

Between crafting and creating her own Indie business, working AND going to school, Hannah is a mom to two seriously adorable tow-headed boys, each with a mop of huge blonde curls, and wire-rimmed glasses. They are the cutest boys. I just wanna squeeze 'em. She makes mothering an art, and I admire her skills. Seriously lucky kids. I don't know how she does it all, but I can relate to her energy and enthusiasm and thrilled to welcome her as part our crafty famiglia.

Hannah Musser
Hannah Jolie Designs
Hometown: San Jose, CA
Makes her home in: Petaluma, CA
Craft: Jewelry and Floral adornments
Fond of: good beer and red-headed Irish blokes

PCM: Welcome Hannah, tell the folks a bit about what you do.

HM: I'm a floral designer, jewelry designer and currently establishing my own business doing those things I love.

PCM: What is your DIY style?

HM: I have an eclectic style, a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I love working best with natural products. I love rare and rustic looks. I love the 1940's period and the style of clothing. The colors of Mexico inspire me, as does the ocean water.

PCM: You have a diverse heritage, rich in cultural goodness. From Irish to deep Mexican roots and a bit of German as well. How has your family influenced you?

HM: I grew up watching my abuelita, my mom, and aunts knitting and crocheting. My abuelita would make my doll's clothes by hand and outfits for me and my cousins. My father was a chef, a true artist in my eyes. I have always loved working with my hands. I went to floral design school for a trade and continued to design jewelry for gifts. I decided to just jump in one day and here I am.

PCM: Wow. How wonderful to be steeped in that creative infusion from such a young age by your loved ones. I agree that cooking is an artistic expression, and I find when I'm stressed or grappling over something difficult in my life, cooking helps unlock some of life's puzzling knots and eases the pain a bit. Speaking of food, what is your favorite Italian dish, mamacita?

HM: My Daddy's Cioppino!

PCM: Aww. No hesitation there! I love it when papa's cook. It's so great for kids to see men cook for the family. I think kids really benefit from the male domestic presence in the kitchen....usually! My father made his native New England foods, Maine-style baked beans, Whoopie pies, homemade doughnuts, not healthy stuff, but good stuff. We'd also hunt "wild" mushrooms in our back-woods together, identify them, pick 'em and bring them home to saute in butter... nobody else in the family, wisely, would touch them. I can't believe I'm still alive to tell the tale! LOL!

PCM: What's your sign baby?

HM: Taurus

PCM: You could have wrote the book, designed the are a true Taurus to a "T" generous, hard-working, strong and unwavering, appreciate fine family, friends, and a keen ear for music and beauty.

PCM: Why do you want to join our crafty famiglia?

HM: I love the crafty life and enjoy sharing it and being a part of that kind of structure. I also love Cheryl!

PCM: We heart you too, Hannah. We are gonna love your infectious joy and energy.

Love, peace and glitter,


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