Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's not all apples and oranges

One of the coolest crafters and a member I am proud to call a friend is Tami Lovett-Brumfield. You know the one, she makes the cutie felt veggie and fruits such as oranges, and sour apples ...and a even a few acorns here and there.

Tami discovered when my birthday is a few weeks ago (my birthday was actually in March) and one day after an awesome lunch at Sea Modern Thai here in Petaluma, she surprised me with a belated birthday present. Is she thoughtful or what? Not only is Tami creative, but apparently clever, as she has me figured out as well. She gave me some wonderful bracelets, one an aqua retro aqua bake-lite affair, and the other a double-strand wooden beaded bracelet. I heart them and wear them both all of the time. I hope they make my skinny wrists look bigger!

Oh, but that isn't all, we all know Tami makes just about anything out of felt, and knowing that the acorns, squirrel and Oak Tree are Moxieville icons for my company, she felted me the sweetest acorn magnets as well. Check out the fabulousness of these in the photo. (I paired her felted acorns with my felted squirrel I made last winter, see moxieville blog for the squirrely details).

After seeing my funky squirrel creature I made last winter, (see moxieville blog) she figured he could use a few, uh, nuts to keep him company. I mean, can these felty nuts possibly geet in cuter?...Maybe with some x'd our eyes or something? Acorns gone bad...nutty. Whatever.

Anywho, I think she should consider doing a whole line of these. I also love the ice cream cones, doggies and bones she's been working on. I'm trying to talk her into doing felted sushi, sashimi and ungari with eyeballs...all packaged and barcoded like you find at the A&P. But you won't get a peek here. You'll just have to come see for yourself at Craftaluma.


CarrieAlair said...

These felt fruits sound super cute! Where do I find them? I don't see any picture on the post.

Petaluma Craft Mafia said...

Hey Carrie, how are you and the family?

Oh, you can find Tami's fruit felt goodness at the link to the left of the PCM blog, Feltbaron at her Etsy shop!

Hope to see you at Mafia Made Holiday Craftacular!