Saturday, June 28, 2008


Craftaluma eve is upon us , and by noon tomorrow, birth shall commence. I once heard one of my former san Francisco Craft Mafia sister's say, she would never have kids and that producing a craft show felt is like giving birth. I can't agree more! :)

So, I'm chill and actually relaxed. Whatever will be, will be. We've had last-minute sick crafters, last minute add-ons, last minute emergencies, a venue change, and uh, some communication issue and disorganization with certain parties pertinent to getting our show on the road, amongst other things, but we're taking it like champs.
It doesn't hurt to have such an awesome famiglia who roll-up their sleeves and pitch in like true famiglia. I am grateful.

Tomorrow we Craftaluma, no turning back now. Cheers!

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Rain said...

Fun fun show ladies! Thanks for having a fellow Mafiosa!!! ;)


~ Lorrain "Rain"