Monday, April 7, 2008


CRAFTALUMA is just around the corner. I panicked last night as we had just returned from a mini working-vacation (is there any other kind?) and realized we have less than 3 months to do everything. It sent me straight into a design binge fueled by coffee and red vines and I got the application, poster and postcards designed last night. Still need to get our web page up and running. Whew! I was certain my bad clown dream would re-surface due to our carnival theme (and all those clowns) we have going on for CRAFTALUMA, but thankfully it did not. Digg the macabre clownish colors. This is my beta version so this may all change.

Vendors, I will have the vendor application up shortly. In the meantime CRAFTALUMA is Sunday, June 29th from 12-5 at the Phoenix theater in Petaluma. We're panicking a bit as we are getting so much interest that I'm afraid we might not have room for all the vendors. Maybe next year we'll host CRAFTALUMA at the Mystic as we get rolling!


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