Sunday, January 20, 2008

Vivid Scarlet Impressions or (how funky is your chicken?)

"How funky is your chicken, how loose is your goose?"

Remember that cheer we used
to do? Yeah, that one!
Okay, true confession time. I (Moxieville), was a cheerleader, albeit briefly for one season, because it really kind of sucked.
I couldn't hack it. Our first away game it poured, literally poured torrents of unrelenting rain, and you could take my blue and gold skirt and wring it out. We looked less like cheerleaders, and more like wet, yowling pole cats. Our captain, just told us to go out there and smile when I'd look her way and shudder with cold, hoping she'd get the hint and let us off the field and into warm shelter. Not on your life, buster! she was a hard-core cheerleader captain, an old-school down to her big hair-do and big nails.

Not much to cheer about there. Adding to that misery, two of my fellow cheerleaders, who surprisingly were best friends, argued incessantly, thus ending their friendship and ruining what could have been a fun time for the rest of us.

Frankly, I only tried out because I had a mad crush on one of the footballers. So, I was surprised I made the cut! Luckily, as it turned out, he had a crush on me too, or it would have been a complete waste of time. Of course, cheerleading wasn't all bad. I loved the travel and of course the music and dance routines. Loved the music! But I was never one of those compact gymnast, head-bobbing, squat little cheerleader types. I was too tall and possibly to philosophical to really ever fit the stereo-type.

So here we sit making some PCM, funky chicken tags. I haven't done this sort of crafting in a very long time, and its kind of zen like, printing, stamping, smooching the tags - printing, stamping, smooching the tags. Okay, the smooch was actually a stamp, we're into hygiene around here. But, don't put it past any of us not to leave a vivid scarlet imprint on our papery goods. We're those kind of girls. We leave vivid scarlet impressions wherever we go...

I decided we should make some PCM swag to send over to Indie Valentine to help out our St.Louis famiglia, and we need as much swag as we can get around our own neck of the woods too.

I hope to get this desk cleared off by tomorrow, because I still have loads to do for Valentines and Chinese New Year.

I just know I'm gonna have nightmares about red roosters.

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Siren Suds said...

You never toldme you were a cheerleader!
I can see you loving the music part and dance.
Bet half the team had a crush on you!

How funky is your chicken? Very funky! I think these turned out nice. Agreed let do something different next time. My red lipstick tube is wearing thin!

xo, Anna