Monday, January 28, 2008

Craft Mafia in the New York Times

I so meant to blog this over a month ago, but you know the holidays got the best of me. Just a quickie link to the awesome mention our talented and diverse crafty Mafia received in the New York Times last month.

Rob Walker wrote a great story about the DIY spirit that is alive and thrivin' here in the good ol' USA. Even the euros, such as the UK are starting to smell the DIY Spirit from across the pond. It's an excellent time to be a crafter or a confirmed DIY'er. But that shouldn't be news to any of you crafty sorts out there.

If any of your are still carrying around antiquated notions about what a crafter is or should be, Rob's article should enlighten you a bit and bring you into the current century.


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Siren Suds said...

Yahoooo! The Craft Mafia rocks! I did see this article and forgot to tell you about it.