Saturday, November 10, 2007

Petaluma Crafty

All that rain dancing I've been doing for weeks must have finally done the trick! I meant to post this blog yesterday, but alas, my posting fingers were otherwise occupied. But we've needed the rain desperately. I wish we could send some to the southeast too. They might want to consider hiring me out for rain dancing now, before I'm totally booked-up!

Running around town yesterday like a chicken with her head cut off, (not an uncommon sight in our buttery poultry filled land of Petalumaville), I couldn't help but notice it seemed everyone was driving erratic, I saw an almost head on collision at a four-way stop, and one man got out of a car and confronted a woman who was making, uh, hand gestures. Then, whilst shopping at one of my favorite stores, two of my favorite store shopkeepers had um, 'words' with each other over something really silly while I was at the register, and overall just a lot of strange tension in the air yesterday. Both of the store employees later separately apologized to me for acting that way in front of a customer, but what struck me was how this was so out of character for both of them. We all are human and have bad days, but a lot of it all over town yesterday. Whew! I couldn't wait to get home and back to work!

Usually a full moon can bring this out in some folks, I actually like full moons myself. I notice aberrant behavior in the general public when it's been unusually windy for several days in a row. People drive selfishly and are more abrupt with each other. I read about a wind in France, I believe it is called the "Maestro" that comes every year right on schedule, and howls unrelentingly for about a month. The French say they see a dramatic increase in acts of violence, relationships ending, break-up of marriages and suicides during this time of year. The crazy, moaning wind literally pushes the human psyche over the edge.

Interestingly enough, I'm not a big fan of long windy days and can feel unusually sensitive on these days. Rain is different. It's soothing somehow, and I've been hoping for rain for weeks, and unlike some Petaluman's, I had a great day yesterday, (the new moon in Scorpio must agree with me!). I wondered if what we needed was a good rain to wash away and cleanse accumulated gunk on the landscape as well as the accumulated stuff that gets clogged in the human subconscious, making everyone cranky and unkind. Everyone needed a good drink! I believe the weather affects us in ways psychologically that we may not consciously be aware of. Sorry, I'm an old psych major. Several weeks of sameness in weather isn't good either. I think we need a change of seasons.

So, I asked for rain yesterday, and got it today! Thanks for listening Ms. Mother Nature.
A full agenda today, but I really wanted to get out in the rain, and if just for a bit and check out Luchessi Park Community Center's Craft Fair, and maybe photograph some of the wonderful crafty offerings. I had never been to this particular craft fair. I couldn't help but notice my fellow Petaluman's seemed noticeably relaxed today and jovial with each other, I knew the rain would do the trick. A balm for a stressed out psyche.

If you haven't been to the Community Center Craft Faire, you really ought to check it out. I found some great offerings at the craft faire and even got a few photos to prove it. What I noticed immediately was how huge this show is, and still managed to have plenty of diversity in offerings. Being a candle kind of gal, I fell in love with Charlee's Candles. Charlee pours her own candles which are made with 30% beeswax and burn longer and cleaner than paraffin candles. Beeswax is becoming mighty scarce with our shortage of bees, so I grabbed a bag full of her votives such as pomegranate, vanilla orange and " sin" at a bargain, and Charlee threw one in for free. Her scents are wonderful, some are subtle and you can detect the warm sweet undertones of honey scent in all of them. Not an obnoxious scent in the entire collection. Charlee is from Chico, and is a complete doll. She also pours critter candles, such as the sweetest smelling skunk you can ever hope to find, and will keep you well-lit and scented through those chilly autumn evenings. When you pop by and say hello, you will find that Charlee has that charm that many women in the south have, everyone, regardless of their name is "honey."

And of course, I couldn't go to the crafty fair without saying hello to one of the sweetest gals in Petaluma, Mrs. Erica Burns-Gorman (Our Lady of the Market) who was working the concession stand. She and Anne Sibbaluca were selling hot coffees, the yummiest nutmeg and blueberry scones along with Anne's famous galettes. Hey crafters and crafty shoppers work up an appetite you know! You all know Anne from the Farmer's Market, right? Those scones, galettes, will make a strong man weep with joy. The Petaluma Craft Mafia is just gonna have to have her bake for one of our up and coming shows.

Now, I don't know about you, but food and craft go hand in hand, and we couldn't resist the many gourmet offerings and picked up a jar of homemade blackberry jam, from Jody's Jams. Tastes like I just picked the fresh berries, and we plan to spread the jam on Anne's scones tomorrow for breakfast!

We wended our way around the maze of craft offerings, and truly with all the crafty diversity, there is something for everyone. Another craft vendor who should be pointed out is the Cutting Edge, a husband and wife team who photograph and create gorgeous fine art prints of nature. They almost look like paintings. The cutting edge also offer angora, silk and cashmere scarves, and hats, as well as some gorgeous wool rugs. They are cozy and lovely.

We met the friendly and down to earth folks at D&G Designs, who create the coolest gourds you ever did see. I've always loved gourd art, because each gourd is so unique, and grows from the earth. It's what you do with that gourd and it's unique shape and personality that makes gourd art so special. D & G Designs, here in Petaluma, have gourds for tree ornaments, containers for your personal belongings, and gorgeous decorative gourds for your autumn decorating or holiday table. I fell in love with the apple gourds, (see photo). The shape is just like an apple, hence the name, these apple gourds are housed in a sublime bowl made from a very enormous gourd, which is rare according to D & G, because once gourds get to this size, they generally split and crack, due to the volume of liquid. So they are a bit rare. Unfortunately, the large gourd bowl is not for sale, as D&G Designs are very attached to it, but you can take home the apples and arrange them for display in your own decorative platter.

Can't get enough craft? The show goes through Sunday, and you owe it to yourself to get out, grab some coffee and a few fresh baked goods for nourishment, and shop till you drop!

Did I mention the holidays are around the corner? I saw the first Christmas lights of the season this evening. Thanksgiving hasn't even stepped out the back door yet.

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