Friday, July 1, 2011

Meet The Famiglia: Jenna Hales

Meet swell gal and crafty entrepreneur Jenna Hales. I met Jenna through a Craftaluma Show a few years back, she was a vendor and a hoot. She's one of those women you are happy to have in your circle of awesome gal pals as well as professionally. Jenna is a PCM sister and a new mama to her son, baby Kai. We welcome her, her positive spirit and great energy to the Petaluma Craft Mafia.

Business Name: sparklejenna

What kind crafty goods do you make? " I make jewelry, plushies, paintings, other crafty objects."

How did you get into this line of work? "I've always been crafty. My mom was always making creative projects when I was growing up and it just seeped into my bones. I can't imagine not working on something crafty, I would go nuts!"

What is the typical work day for you like? "Everyday is different, especially since becoming a mom. I also have a freelance graphic design business ( so depending on which balls are in the air on any given day, I adjust my schedule accordingly. I could spend time on the computer or at my crafting table or a combo, although I can say making things with my hands brings me more fulfillment, even if graphic design is creative it's just not the same as busting out the scissors and glue or sewing machine."

What/who inspires you? "I find creative inspiration everywhere. It could be a magazine, a combination of colors on a sign or a favorite blog. I am inspired by people who follow their dreams. Kelly Rae Roberts is pretty awesome, she built a thriving creative business in just 5 years and shares the steps she took on her journey openly which I really admire. Many artists or crafts people can be so secretive about how they gained success, it's refreshing to have someone out there who is willing to be a mentor for those of us who are up and coming."

Favorite thing about your work? "My favorite thing about my work is the satisfaction I get from doing it and seeing other people connect to it."

What is the single best piece of business advice you know now,that you wish you knew when you were just getting started?
"Even if you feel like you don't have the time, do something small everyday to build your business, small steps grow in to something much bigger with time."

What’s in your fridge?
"Sweet hot mustard, chicken strips, pie, baby food."

Who’s your favorite poet? "Mary Oliver."

Favorite guilty pleasure? "Cotton Candy."

What’s playing on the I-pod? "Greyboy Allstars West Coast Boogaloo."

What is your favorite way to unwind? "Cuddles with my family, which includes my two dogs."

How do you feel contemporary American women entrepreneurs have influenced American culture and craft? "Craft has blown up over the past few years, thanks to the pioneering spirit of some amazing crafty ladies. I think craft is much more prevalent than it was even just a few years ago."

What about the world still holds wonder for you? "My son, seeing him grow and change is the most amazing experience of my life. I feel very blessed to be his mama."

You’re having a dinner party, as the head of the table, who would you love to invite and have seated on your left, and another choice on your right?
"Hmmm, my grandpa and my brother both no longer living."

If you had the chance to sing a live duet onstage, who would you choose to sing with? What would you sing? "That's a tough one. I'd probably throw up and pass out before I ever made it on to the stage, maybe Ebony and Ivory with Michael Jackson - he was weird, but he was rad."

When you die, what would you like inscribed on your headstone and what music would you choose? "I don't know about the inscription, I kind of feel like the whole point is for other people to put what is meaningful to them - after all it won't matter to me :) If I had to choose music, maybe the soundtrack from the movie Amelie."

Where do you see you and your business heading in the coming year? Any goals or particular wishes? "I would love to continue to develop my glitter paintings and maybe even get something licensed!"

What absolutely just makes your day?
"A fun surprise in my mailbox!"

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