Thursday, December 4, 2008

Twin Crow Studios

Courtney Cerruti of Twin Crow Studios was one of our amazing vendors at Craftaluma. I was thrilled to have her join us again for our upcoming show, as her world of bell jars, re-purposed tea cups, mushrooms, and other assorted flora and fauna of beauty and kitsch; all drew me. I wouldn't mind living in a Courtney Cerruti made world!

C: Hi Courtney, what's the name of your business and how did you come up with it?
CC: Twin Crow Studios was created out of a brainstorm between me and my boyfriend. I love birds and bird imagery and I have a bit of a bird nature in my collection of seemingly random bits of things, paper, string, objects etc. I use twin imagery in my drawings and ATCs and it also

C: Where are you located?
CC: the Bay Area

C: Hometown?
CC: Oakland, CA

C: What is it that you make?
CC: I make all things paper. Currently I'm into making miniature paper shoes and miniature worlds in teacups or inside of cloches.

C: What is your favorite and least favorite thing about what you do?
CC: I love making things, its just what I do. My boyfriend's 6 year old says her dad is a good reader and I am a good "maker." She thinks I can make anything!
What I like least about making things is that I don't make enough money in crafts to do just that and nothing else.

C: Where do you find creative inspiration?
CC: Objects, images, beautiful things inspire me. I love saturated color, antique and vintage objects, the beauty in things used, things that have a history. I also like materials, often a discarded piece of metal, a broken nutshell or a piece of moss is enough to get me going on a whole series of work.

C: Any favorite crafty haunts around the bay area you like to visit?
CC: The Alameda Antique Market on the 1st Sunday of the month is a good place to find unusual and old things. But usually just a trip to the thrift store will suffice.

C: Have been wanting to make it out to the Alameda Market. Bless those Thrift stores for their crafty inspiration and goodness! Courtney, what advice would you give to a designer who wanted to start a business such as yours?
CC: Make stuff and see what happens.

C: Mmmhmm... Do you have any exciting news or future business plans you'd like to share?
CC:Visit my blog to see what's new!

C: Sure will. Now what the folks really wanna know is, Sean Connery or Roger Moore?
CC: Sean Connery.

C: LOL! You were expecting that one. Finally Sean stands a chance in this Roger Moore biased blog! :) What is your favorite midnight snack?
CC: Tea and chocolate chips with Mila (my boyfriend's 3 year old)

C: That could certainly lead me astray in the midnight-hour for sure. Favorite book and movie?
CC: Anything by Toni Morrison, and Bleu with Juliet Binoche

C: I'm a huge Juliet Binoche fan, in my minds eye, I had cast her in "Chocolat" years before the film came out! Okay Courtney, If you were throwing a dinner party, who would you invite (living or not living) and why?
CC: Other than my boyfriend, I would invite Frida Kahlo, Maria Janosko, Marilyn Manson, Nathalie Cheung, da Vinci, and Morgan Freeman. I was in love with MM when I was in high school and how often do you get to live out a high school fantasy? Maria because she's hilarious and a good friend, Nathalie because she lives in France and I miss her, Frida because I love her work, da Vinci because he was my first favorite artist and Morgan Freeman because I want him to be my friend.

C: Morgan is the man, would love to have him as my friend and neighbor. He's a cool cat with a big heart. I just might crash that dinner party. Maria Janosko...hmmm, she sounds like one of our crafty vendors! You have great taste in dinner partners Courtney. We will see you both soon at Mafia Made Holiday Crafacular!

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