Sunday, December 2, 2007

Smells like Moxie

Happy December! We're ramping up things for the Holidays and planning to have a rockin' 2008 for Petaluma Craft Mafia. I just put the holiday banner up on the PCM blogspot and will look for a few holiday tunes to take us into the New Year.

I just got the Petaluma Craft Mafia postcard promos designed, and realized Moxieville is looking a little sadly slim in the promo and swag department. Woe is me. No buttons, postcards, nothing. So, I brought out my squirrels, acorns and oak trees, (all Moxie mascots you know). Where I ended up with the postcards was a surprise even to me. My brain does work in mysterious ways. 'Smell's like Moxie Spirit' is what I ended up with at the end of the eve. Kitschy and a bit silly.

Moxieville logo has always been very classic, but not too serious, I hope! So, when I came up with the idea of scratch n' sniff postcards a few months back, I had a good chuckle. Ridiculous, but then having a squirrel as your company mascot is not exactly un-ridiculous. (I do believe I've made up a new word). So, tonight I put a little rough comp of Moxieville postcard together, and will work out the design details later. I've no idea why I designed something so difficult, as scratch n' sniff design is foreign to me.

I asked Anna for her advice on this, as she is the scent and bath goddess in this crazy craft famiglia of ours, but she wasn't sure how it would fly. Scented oil's would simply stain the paper, even though it's coated and glossy. None of us are clear on how scratch n' sniffs work exactly and are produced. Maybe an alcohol based spritz scent would work? I think the way scratch n' sniffs are actually designed, is that the scent is applied layer under layer. Then printed layer over layer? Therefore, when you scratch it, you eventually wear away the surface layers to get to the next layer of scent. But this is just a theory.

As we are on a budget, I'm looking for ways to make this work on the home-grown level. I've been wanting to do a scratch n' sniff item for years. I'm thinking of oranges or lemons, something fresh and citrusy. We'll keep you posted ... in the meantime, any scratch n' sniff experts out there, be sure to give me a holler!

In the meantime, all my frolicking Sag friends out there, happy birthday!

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